Finding The Voice

Voice • Movement • Healing

Movement Therapy

What are we?

Despite having what we call a body and that we think of as a "thing," we are primarily space. 

That space that is Us draws matter into a gesture of form that can't be held still. How is this done? Is it all unconscious? Can it be controlled? How do we work with it? 

These sessions are about learning how to understand the subconscious and how it operates the matter that makes up the body. You will learn how it moves and learn to move with it, feel how it heals, and learn to let it be in charge and how to flow with it beautifully in every area of life.


Introductory package includes 8 hours spread over 3 months :

  • Principles of movement discussion and introduction to Movement Forms (2 hour session)
  • Movement Forms, Hands-on, and Together movements to understand how space moves (4 x two-hour sessions)
  • Practical application in physical, mental, and relational moments in life (2 x one-hour sessions).

Continuing sessions also available. 

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