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Nutrition Consulting

Why do cultures eat the way they do? 

Over time, the preparers of food have been responsible for keeping life going as optimally as possible for their given circumstances. What did they figure out over that time in their circumstances, and how has food changed since and what is it doing to our bodies? 


Basic Package includes 6 Nutritional Food Preparation sessions on these topics:

  • Plant foods: Grain, nuts, seeds, legumes 
  • Plant foods: Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fats and Salad Dressings
  • Animal based foods
  • Dairy and Dairy alternatives
  • Preserves and Beverages

Sessions are preferably in person for tasting and understanding of texture of foods. These can be done over a few days or spread out. Can do online sessions if necessary. Plan for 1-2 hours/session.

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