Finding The Voice

Voice • Movement • Healing


To view compatibly, balance relationships, and restore friendly relations.

Do you feel mentally or emotionally stuck and unresolved either in yourself or with another?  

Let's get together and have a few conversations and figure it out. 

There is no need to waste the huge amount of emotional and physical energy and money on lawyers or in court, which process only leads to feelings of anger, resentment, and long-term wounds often for more than only those involved, exacerbated by formidable leftover financial burden. 

There is a way to work things through without gouging holes into both ourselves and others. Sometimes you need a person who cares about all sides equally to help guide your conversation to understanding, negotiation, and forward, functional movement.  

By looking for places of imbalance in perspective and physicality, with words or whatever tools are necessary, I find ways to get things unstuck.

I have helped reconcile and balance hundreds of conversations and thought processes for people in a state of stuck-ness into a state of calm and understanding and being able to move forward, for years. As a trained and certified mediator, a mother of 4, and a natural lover of balance and of seeing all perspectives, and a constant seeker of what is clear and true, my natural state is one of creating a space for democratic collaboration and processing wherever possible, so that every perspective is heard and understood, and decisions are made and able to move forward.


Individual or Joint sessions - based on need to satisfaction or resolution.

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