Finding The Voice

Voice • Movement • Healing

Voice Construction

Everyone can sing.

From those who call themselves "tone deaf" to professional classical singers

Whether your goal is to sing karaoke comfortably with your friends and colleagues, or whether you need an experienced ear and eye to help you communicate better to a paying audience in a foreign language, this is for you.

When I tell people I'm a classical singer, 9 out of 10 say: "I can't sing. I'm a terrible singer. My [relative] told me I sounded terrible when I was [young], and I haven't sung in front of anyone since."

I wonder, did that person know anything about singing? If they had an ear... did they know how to teach? If so, did they care enough to help that person to find their voice? And now, how much damage has been done in the person who believed them for so long and made themselves shrink into it?

Does this sound familiar to you?

I successfully teach people who "can't hold a pitch" to sing beautifully and steadily in a short time. 

I also work with professional singers to help them unblock themselves vocally, mentally, emotionally, and physically, freeing their ability to communicate wherever they need to communicate in life. 

I call it Voice Construction. 

It's done usually by deconstructing a mind frame first, and then reconstructing to use the whole voice, body, and self to do and express what one is fully capable of expressing.


Choose from:

  • 6 Private Sessions
  • 10 Private Sessions
  • 6 Group Sessions (2-6 people, bring your group, times less flexible)
  • 10 Group Sessions (2-6 people, bring your group, times less flexible)

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