Finding The Voice

Voice • Movement • Healing

What Makes Us Special

Expose stagnant patterns of thought and movement,

and Find Your Voice


Everyone can sing 

Your body is your instrument

Learn to let your voice resonate with all of creation


Beautiful physical movement draws a clear mind

Learn to move in ways that will undo stuck patterns in the mind and spirit


The body is our temple and needs the best to be its brightest

Learn what makes food the best for you


Seeing eye-to-eye

Unravel varying perspectives and find common understanding


Unconventional, non-institutional, and effective. Lindsay's focus on musical physiology and visualization has helped me overcome habits that have hindered my vocal performance for years. I highly recommend Lindsay for her unique approach to singing that will holistically shift your understanding of how the body creates sound.

Davey Nelson - Punk Singer from The Maybe Next Years

When I talk with Lindsay about things that I feel are real and crucial, I come away with a better sense of self and more grounded, more secure in who I am, and like I can respond and relate to others in a more balanced place. Many people want you to rely on their ideas or want to undermine your strength - to manipulate. Few are really good at the opposite - at seeing someone and their strength and finding ways to add to it like she does.

Mandy Bliss Croft - Music teacher, Mother of 4

Choose from:

  • Vocal training
            We offer singing lessons in person or over video calls.   
  • Movement 
  • Nutrition 


  • $50/hr private session
  • $20/hr group session (3 or more)
  • Professional consulting available (negotiable)