What Makes Us Special

Sometimes all one requires is a change in perspective to live in peace.

We aim to guide people toward beauty -- one conversation at a time.

Offering hour-long group or private sessions on a weekly or numbered session basis, or 3 day workshops

Choose from:

  • Perspective consulting
  • Movement sessions 
  • Nutrition guidance sessions
  • Vocal (Music/Harmony) sessions


  • $75/hr private session
  • $30/hr group session (3 or more)
  • $350/person 3 day workshops (Groups only -- minimum 8 people. Must be scheduled 4 months in advance.)

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to use them again!

Justine Henry - Satisfied Customer



"Perception is Reality"

Perceptions always change

We will help you come to a place of seeing how you see. This is where conscious choice begins, and where changes can be made by one's own choosing.


An integral part of learning how one perceives is becoming aware of how one moves

In these sessions you will come to understand how to move beautifully -- by moving space first -- and then following with the body.


The body is a Temple

Without a clear body, one "sees through a glass darkly"

In these sessions you will learn how food works, and how to prepare food that edifies.


Everyone can sing 

Your body is your instrument

We will help you unlock your voice in order to be able to express your self. You can also learn to sing in harmony, and with the principles used, to be in harmony within yourself and with those around you

Perspective Consulting for Business

Stuck at work? Having trouble retaining employees? Need some ideas to help things to move a little differently? 

Perhaps a fresh perspective can change the environment. 

Let us have a visit to your office to learn about your mission and your business, and observe the relationships and the environment. 

Then let us come and open up the perspective in a session or two with your colleagues (depending on what seems most useful) that will help you and your business begin to flow and grow.