What Makes Us Special

Come and see the beautiful being that you are, and uncover stagnant patterns of thought and behavior.


Unconventional, non-institutional, and effective. Lindsay's focus on musical physiology and visualization has helped me overcome habits that have hindered my vocal performance for years. I highly recommend Lindsay for her unique approach to singing that will holistically shift your understanding of how the body creates sound.

Davey Nelson - Punk Singer from The Maybe Next Years

When I talk with Lindsay about things that feel are real and crucial, I feel like I come away with a better sense of self and more grounded. When I'm upset about something or wavering about things, I feel like she can see me and reflect in a way that picks me up and puts me back on my feet. I come away feeling more secure in who I am, and it's nice, and I feel like I can respond and relate to others in a more balanced place. Many people want you to rely on their ideas or want to undermine that strength -- to manipulate and get what they want, and not many people are really good at the opposite and seeing someone and their strength, and finding ways to add to it like she does.

Mandy Bliss Croft - Music teacher and Mother


Everyone can sing 

Your body is your instrument

It's time to free your voice


A healthy, alive existence is being aware of one's body and its movement in and with space


You are made of what you take into yourself

Learn to prepare food that cultivates clarity in mind and body

Choose from:

  • Vocal training
            We offer singing lessons in person or over video calls.   
  • Movement 
  • Nutrition 


  • $50/hr private session
  • $20/hr group session (3 or more)
  • Professional consulting available (negotiable)

Choose from:


      We focus on understanding the how and why of vocal production, and then work to produce a healthy, whole-bodied sound.  The goal: maximize efficiency and ease of how sound is produced, and monitor the depth of how it's heard (felt) by others. Useful for beginners to experienced professionals alike, we work with every individual from wherever they are. 

• Movement

      Sessions focus on introducing and elementary comprehension of the body self vs. the spacial self and how they work together to move beautifully in all arenas -- physical, mental, spiritual, and relational. 

• Nutrition

      Discuss principles of food preparation that optimizes the body's use of nutrients. Then learn to and actually prepare and try several types of foods using these principles to get a feel for the difference it makes in the body.

All sessions are offered in person or through video conferencing. 

In person sessions are recommended. 

Can do private or group weekend sessions on site.